Attraction Marketing 411

Attraction Marketing

 Attraction Marketing 411

What is Attraction Marketing 411 all about?

It is the one place where you will learn all about Attraction Marketing on the internet.

 What Will You Learn About Attraction Marketing?

You will learn:

  • About the concept of Attraction Marketing.
  • About the Marketing Systems. Which ones are good for network marketers. Which ones are good for the general home business.
  • About the  Blueprints. What should a good blueprint look like. What marketing strategies can be included to be considered a true attraction marketer.
  • About Training. What courses are good for attraction marketers using specific marketing strategies.
  • About which books are good for learning more about the concepts of Attraction Marketing.

What Is Attraction Marketing?

In short, it is about being chased instead of chasing others in your business. For a more detailed explanation visit

What Are the Attraction Marketing Systems?

I’m sure there are more out there than the systems I cover. But these are the ones I have experience with.

  • My Lead System Pro (MLSP) based upon Magnetic Sponsoring
  • Daily Marketing Coach (DMC) based upon The Renegade Network Marketer and The Attraction Marketers Manifesto
  • Elite Marketing Pro (EMP) based upon Magnetic Sponsoring

What is an Attraction Marketing Blueprint?

The Blueprint is basically what your funnel or profit center looks like. How it is set up. And what are the necessary parts.

What is the Attraction Marketing Training?

This is where you will learn about strategies that can be used.

Which Attraction Marketing Books?

These are the ebooks that will be included:

  • Magnetic Sponsoring
  • The Renegade Network Marketer
  • Only Suckers Buy Leads
  • The Attraction Marketers Manifesto
  • The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

Here’s a video that talks all about this website.

Please use this website as your resource on attraction marketing. If you think there is a system, a method, or a book that I should include, let me know. I look into to it and add it if I think it serves the community.

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